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As with everything, the world of car leasing is going mobile as well. We at Uptime are in a unique position where we’ve been involved with the marriage of mobile technology and automotive financial instruments from its early stages and have the team, know-how, and expertise to build the tools your business needs.

Take a Step Towards the Future

Car leasing on its own is nothing new. However, only in the past years has the industry been moving towards digital solutions to offer better efficiency, better customer experience, increased security, and additional avenues for marketing and automation.

We have the team and experience needed to help you with your digital transformation. Over the years we created digital solutions to make every single step in the vehicle life cycle more efficient for our clients. Our software is giving end-customers joy when they collect their dream car at the local dealership, optimize service contracts during car usage, manage fleets and help to evaluate vehicle value and finally help to sell it with the best possible pricing.

Our consultants spend spent thousands of hours working with industry leaders, learning their processes, and creating software that helps them provide better service for end customers and grow their profits.

Incredible team

Our aim is to be with you during the entire life cycle of the integration process – from preliminary analysis, concepts, and scope mapping, all the way to design, development, testing, launching, monitoring, and support. We know that the better we understand the needs of your business, the better the results we can come up with – that’s the beauty of long-term partnerships.

Strong tech stack

With our experience dating back to 1992, Uptime has always put an emphasis on populating its team with the best and the brightest. This enables us to offer a top-level tech stack for our clients, which includes, among others, .NET, Java, Node, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Swift, and PHP. Combining this tech stack with our business know-how and the ability to understand our customers’ business processes, enables us to create solutions that drive revenue growth, improved efficiency, and innovation.


The new mobile application for Estonia’s leading energy company Alexela provides customers with all the tools needed to quickly and conveniently get an overview of everything that is important for them – ranging from information about Alexela’s services, all the way to an overview of recent transactions and consumption.
In Poland, DLL wanted to dramatically decrease the time to prepare financial quotes for employees and partners. It needed to be easily scalable and accessible for the users. Another requirement was a mixed solution that could work either online or offline. The solution was a mobile app developed by Uptime.
When Inter Cars decided to hold an exposition in Warsaw in 2017, the decision to provide a mobile application to exposition attendees was delayed until one month before the event. The mobile application was to provide a map, agenda, search engine for products and exhibitors, directions, messages, and much more. The application was to be made available free of charge on iOS and Android.

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