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Uptime is focused on working with its clients to create custom software solutions that precisely meet the needs faced by your business. With that, we enable revenue growth, increased efficiency, and improved business processes.

Relying on our experience from 1992, a staff of top-level specialists, and an outstanding understanding of our customers’ businesses, we’re able to form long-last partnerships and be with our partners for the entire life cycle of a project – from concepts, analysis, and design, all the way to development, deployments, monitoring, and support.

Our tech stack includes a vast array of different languages, frameworks, and platforms to best suit your needs.

From concepts, analysis, designs, and prototypes, all the way to back-end & front-end development, testing, monitoring, and servicing – we have the resources and know-how necessary to be with you during the entire life cycle of software development.

Azure and other cloud-based services help to drastically cut the need for in-house infrastructure and its associated costs, whilst offering better scalability, a shorter time-frame between development and deployment, and increased uptime and security.

As with everything, the world of car leasing is going mobile as well. We at Uptime are in a unique position where we’ve been involved with the marriage of mobile technology and automotive financial instruments from its early stages and have the team, know-how, and expertise to build the tools your business needs.

The use of both blockchain-based technologies enables the accelerated processing of transactions, cost savings from cutting out the middleman, and vastly increases security. Our team experienced team has a proven history of creating blockchain-based applications.

The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision opens new avenues for many businesses and industries – from the medical and automotive sector, all the way to retail stores and farming. 

Uptime’s tech stack is constantly growing and improving, as such enabling us to create software solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our customers. Have a look at some of our most used competencies and see how we utilize them – from the back-end to the front-end.

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