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Uptime’s tech stack includes a wide array of different languages, database solutions, and frameworks, which enable us to offer custom software solutions, that perfectly meet the needs of our customers.

We are focused on carefully curated set of technologies, however, our team is experienced with various other technologies as well, which might not be as in demand at the moment, including Delphi, Apex, C++, Pl/SQL, Python, and Ruby. As such, if you see that we could be of help with technologies other than the ones listed below, contact us and we’ll find a solution.

We use .Net to create everything from complex back-end and front-end solutions, all the way to full-fledged mobile and web applications, cloud-based solutions, custom e-commerce solutions, and self-service environments.

We use React.js in the creation of fast, scalable, and reliable web applications and websites that are intuiative, quick-to-market, and perfectly meet the needs of your business and your customers. 

With the use of Vue.js, we create highly customizable front-end solutions. Web applications and user interfaces based on Vue.js are modern, reliable, and with lower time-to-market time than many of its alternatives.

PHP Development

Being a server-side language, PHP is used in the creation of e-commerce systems, managing dynamic content, databases, or session tracking. Being easily integratable with most of the major databases, it’s an ideal solution for many large-scale applications.

We’ve been using Java and Java-derived technologies for more than 20 years to create software solutions ranging from, among others, serverside applications, Android applications, desktop applications, and web applications.

We use Node.js to create even the most complex web-based applications – ranging from single-page web applications and chat solutions, all the way IoT applications and microservices.

The use of Angular allows us to create interactive and dynamic single page applications that are modular, easily maintainable, easily readable, and do not require the use of third-party libraries to achieve the desired results.

Swift Development

Swift, created by Apple, allows us to build highly efficient native applications for all of Apple’s operating systems: iOS, macOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. Applications created with Swift are fast, safe, reliable, and long-lasting thanks to its backing from Apple.

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