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Our customer relationships are built with two main factors in mind: developing long-lasting partnerships and doing everything in our power to understand the underlying business needs, processes, and demands faced by our clients. 

We believe that the best way to achieve outstanding results is to be fully committed, really understand our clients’ needs, and offer the best possible technical expertise based on the individual needs of any company.

With every solution we come up with, we aim to offer an approach that we ourselves would like see if we’d be sitting on the other side of the table – if we wouldn’t like to buy it, then why should you?


Uptime, founded in 1992, is oriented towards long-term co-operation and focuses on custom software development, consulting services, and SharePoint solutions, with offices in Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, and Switzerland. Our main competencies are in business and IT systems analysis, prototyping and design, back-end and front-end development. We're also well-versed with databases, cloud services, mobile applications, monitoring, and maintenance.


We leverage our years of experience and ability to understand our clients' businesses to build tailor-made software, which help to drive revenue, innovation, and productivity. Our portfolio includes companies with needs for large self-service systems, industry-leading e-commerce solutions, and mobile applications. We're also experience with custom inventory management solutions, budgeting systems, and logistics management systems.


Thanks to our long-term partnership oriented mentality, Uptime has the ability to understand its clients’ business needs, goals, and risks. Alongside our strong tech stack, we have the tools at our disposal which allow us to be with our customers during the entire life cycle of the product: from concepts, preliminary analyses, and design, all the way to development, launch, monitoring, and support.

Our Keys to Success

Customer satisfaction

Uptime is recognized for our robust development process, outstanding customer focus, and a high degree of flexibility in resources allocation. Since we value long-term business relationships, our number one goal is customer satisfaction. This has always been our most important KPI and it will remain so in the future.


Uptime's competent team of top-level specialists allows us to be with our clients for the entire life cycle of their product – from preliminary analysis, concepts, and design, all the way to detailed project analysis, development, testing, launch, monitoring, and support.

solutions that work for you

We understand that every company has its own unique business processes, as such, we put great emphasis on finding the solutions that work the best for each individual case. During the entire development process, we make sure to understand our client's business model, specific needs that software could meet, and the potential risks and pitfalls we may face along the way.

Industry competence

Having been in business since 1992, we have had the opportunity to work with leaders in many different industries, which has given us an unique ability to understand our customer's business needs. This allows us to help our clients with the root issues faced by their companies and not only focus on writing the code for a piece of software.


In everything we do, we try our best to be responsible and to have a positive impact on the world. As such we pay great attention to offering the best possible working environment for our people, as well as working on projects that we can proud of.

In everything we do, we are guided by our core values


We pursue honesty between all parties – we wish for our clients and our employees to be open and honest with us, and we offer the same in return.


We are dedicated to our clients and our employees, looking to build long-lasting and fruitful partnerships.

Win-win mentality

We are looking for win-win outcomes in all of our dealings – while an option may be beneficial for us, if it's not so for our clients or our employees, then it's not worth pursuing.

Constant development

Having been in business since 1992, we still find new opportunities to learn, grow, and increase efficiency. Whenever possible, we aim to better ourselves by all means possible.


At Uptime we do our best to leave the world a better place than the one we were given. As such we do our best to have a positive impact on everything surrounding us.

While we are constantly looking for ways to improve, we’ve set forth a number of goals for ourselves to better focus our efforts and to achieve results in the areas where we can contribute the most.


We believe that everyone should have equal and ample opportunities, regardless their sex, age, race, disability, or any other attribute. Our new team members and clients are always selected based on merit – and nothing else.

Sustainable work

We want our people to do their best, but we also want them to be happy. As such we value and champion a strong work-life balance, excellent working environment, and enable self-improvement whenever possible. We know that work is an important part of life, but it cannot take precedence over oneself.

Positive impact production

We know that we have a responsibility over what we produce, as such we pay great attention to working only on projects that we can be proud of – if it is something that will inherently have a negative impact on people’s lives, then Uptime has no desire to be a part of it. 

Climate action

There’s no argument about climate change and it’s clear that everyone needs to contribute to stopping the changes. We aim to do the best we can from our part to minimize our footprint, as such we’re working on using only green energy in all our offices by 2025, carbon offsetting all our flights, and following the best practices on energy conservation.

Meaningful partnerships

Good things happen when great minds team upThat is the reason why we do our best to build fruitful and long-lasting partnerships with both our clients and our people – we can create greater value for our clients, our people, our stakeholders, and our world by working together. 

Certificates, Memberships & Awards


We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1999 and a Certified Gold Partner from 2006 onwards. Our specialists have various Microsoft certificates and are constantly improving their knowledge.

Oracle Partner

We have been Oracle’s partners since 1998. We know their products through and through. As guest lecturers, we have collaborated with the local branch and trained a considerable number of Oracle specialists in Estonia.

remote work certificate

The Smart Work Association recognized Uptime as a company that follows the best practices for remote work.

ISO 9001:2015

Our quality control and management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

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