8 React Component Libraries to Check Out for Your Next Project

React developers have a wide variety of different libraries at their disposal, as such finding the right one can be a chore. If you are looking for component libraries for your next project, then these are the ones certainly worth checking out.

React Motion 

Moving and animated objects can make seemingly simple projects times more complex and time-consuming. React Motion tries to solve this problem, by offering a wide range of components from smooth-moving pop-ups to easily configurable user-movable items. All you have to do is set the animation parameters and all of the physics will be taken care of by React Motion itself. 

Examples and a GitHub link can be found here. 

React 360 

According to many predictions, VR and AR solutions will become more and more popular in the coming years. E-commerce and retail are the main industries where explosive use is expected, so it’s worth knowing how to create suitable solutions quickly and easily with React. 

React 360 aims to make the whole process easier and enables the creation of VR and 3D UI elements that work perfectly on smart devices, VR goggles, and other devices that support VR. 

You can find the GitHub link here. 

Material UI React 

The material design philosophy created by Google has been a part of a lot of front-end developments for the past years. This also means that buttons, sliders, menu items, and other components designed according to this philosophy are now offered by dozens of different libraries. 

However, Material UI React is one of the most popular, thorough, and well-documented libraries out there. As such, if your project includes components with the material design philosophy, it is worth checking out this resource. 

Examples and download information can be found here. 


OnsenUI is useful for anyone who creates front-end solutions that need to be able to work on different devices and different operating systems. This library enables you to use a single code base for all devices which is able to independently understand on which device it’s running and change the design of components accordingly. 

Examples and a download link can be found here. 

Ant Design React 

This library offers a wide range of different components that can be easily and quickly modified according to the requirements of the project with Less.js. Buttons, icons, breadcrumbs, menus, and many more components are available for creating both desktop pages and mobile views. 

You can find additional information and download information here. 


Blueprint is perfect for creating data-heavy UIs. It’s an excellent option for projects where beauty and design do not come first, but rather the focus is set on displaying a lot of complex data in a simple and understandable way. The library features a wide range of different components that allow you to display different data sources clearly and simply. 

You can find the documentation and download link here. 

Fluent React UI 

This library is perfect for projects where the design is inspired by Microsoft’s Fluent design philosophy. The design of the components is similar to what can be found in Microsoft’s own products, so they should be familiar to all Office, SharePoint, or Windows users. Like the Material UI React, one of the bonuses of the Fluent React UI is its extensive documentation. 

You can find more information and a download link here. 

React Spinner 

It is a library that’s somewhat more clean-cut than the ones mentioned above: it offers a wide range of loading animations to display to users until the page is ready to display information. Loading animations can also be found in other libraries, but if you need something a little more fancy, React Spinner can easily come to your aid. 

Examples and download information can be found here. 

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